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Julian M Lovell

Managing Director
Julian has over 30 years experience in geology and geotechnics, with the last 25 years in site investigation.
He graduated in 1990 after gaining an Honours degree in Applied Geology and Geography and worked in geotechnical consultancy before moving into contracting where he has been involved in all aspects of geotechnical investigation. In the last 6 years he has been involved in several leading edge Research and Development projects which have included partnerships with the British Geological Survey (BGS) and Birmingham University.

He has also been an active member of working parties for SISG Part 3, The UK Specification for Ground Investigation, and the BDA's guidance notes for Dynamic Sampling.

Keith Spires

Product and Innovations Director
Keith has over 35 years involvement in the land drilling and geotechnical industry.

He spent his formative years learning the drilling trade 'the conventional way', working his way up from Drilling Support to Lead Driller. Established in 1984, Keith ran his own extremely successful drilling company, Danetre Drilling, for 20 years. In this period Keith had an unrivalled reputation for professionalism, quality and innovation. In 2006 he moved into Senior Management and has utilised his expertise, knowledge and values in his work as a trainer, an NVQ Assessor and BDA Auditor.

Keith has also been an active member of the BDA since 1999. Whilst still an operational on-site operative, Keith served as the driller's representative on the committee and since founding Equipe has continued to be involved with a number of BDA initiatives such as the updating of guidance notes for Cable Percussion and Dynamic Sampling drilling. He has also been involved in the recent entire rewriting of the Land Drilling NVQ on the BDAs behalf. Up until late 2020, Keith sat on the Management Committee for the BDA, as well as the Health and Safety Committee and the Training and Education Committee. Keith is currently the appointed Audit Manager for the BDA Audit.

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What our students say about us

Very good course which is specific to the geotechnical industry with a very knowledgeable instructor.
— Wood plc
"Informative training that was extremely useful and cleared up any queries regarding the soil description protocol and process.
— Arcadis
Very good introduction to foundation design in geotechnics, with ample opportunity to ask questions - very difficult to improve on.
— Tony Gee and Partners
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